Monday Mutters

   This place, it feels like a mausoleum.  My dear gentlebeings, you've been inordinately quiet this past week.  I was ill last weekend, postponed the week, felt better, have been slowly cleaning the Winter dust and dirt from the...

Dance Lesson

Today's lesson is on the inherent danger of sending mixed signals.    

Whimsical Wednesday

It's Wednesday ( well, nearly ) I just woke up again. I don't feel the least bit sexy. Ponder this instead:  

Musical Governments

   News is so strange.  Every time I turn it on this week another country has had a change of government.  What's the count now, anyone?    

Why Am I So Quiet?

   I don't get colds like other people. I don't get the sneezy, face dribbling stuff.  I get a bit of roughness in me throat and wake up feeling as if someone had packed me lungs with fibreglass.  I become inert, have no interest in...

God is a DJ

On the first day, God created the earth and he saw that it was good On the second day, God created man and he saw that he was good On the third day, God created music and he saw that this was good ...

Oh, Fascinating!

My favourite snow bunny has been finding fun quzzies for us.  Now I've found one. CLICK HERE FOR QUIZ My result: You Are Death You symbolize the end, which can be frightening. But you also...


   For some, Tuesday is yet to conclude, for others, Wednesday is well underway.  I happen to be somewhat between those two states of affairs.    Now and again I tire of looking at the precise same thing and so went looking for...

A Beautiful Thing

My dear Gentlebeings, you really must see this:  

She's Amused

Friend Artist has commented more than once on certain of me avatars.  This time she got an evil look and, several minutes later when she turned her screen so I could see, this was upon it: ...

Some Music

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Anti - Valentine's Day

    I don't really care for Valentine's Day.  I agree with Monica on it being an artificial contrivance to benefit commercial interests.  I also object as there were two saints Valentine, neither was very nice bloke at all, one was a...

Yet Another Bug

   I made a Friends Only post this morning.  It should appear in the post list to the right on this page.  I don't see it.  Others I've asked don't see it.  It can be accessed by the link if I give it to those on the friends list . ...

Aimless Insomniac Natter

   I'm having one of those annoying instances where I have a dozens bits of stuff to scribble on but every time I get the blasted editor open it all disappears and I cannot refocus.  Fine, it's Natterday and so I will simply natter.  I'm...

No Dinner, No Dessert

Hungry, thirsty, bloody starving but I can find no venue which lists Brunette au naturel upon the blasted menu!  

Turbulence and Tidiness

   Miserable flight.  The one out was relatively uneventful, if full to bursting.  The return flight, very early in the local morning, was nearly empty.  It was also the bounciest ( is that a word? ) I've ever experienced.  Poor pilot simply...

To the House of Sand

Dream_On, I 'll see your trash and raise you one of these! Create a Tumblr Music Playlist at    

As Promised

For those I cannot name, will never forget, who must never be forgot, may you know peace. Create a Tumblr Music Playlist at    


     I went to my profile to answer a comment  just now and was appalled to find yet more stuff between the top of the page and the place where comments are answered.  Then I looked again and saw that this insertion, done without my...