Having arrived a bit late...

The door opened
 upon a world redolent of beeswax,
spice cakes and apple blossoms.
Gleaming walnut table,
fully six metres expanded,
nealry lost beneath a tarot spread
uses twelve decks...
Silence greeted me
among guttering candelabra.
The remains of two meals
and tea
hovered at the edges,
congregated with shadows,
lounged against the walls.
The cats seemed nowhere.
ever so carefully,
I began reading
the massive spread
precisely laid out before me.
I saw meself.
I watched some thirty years
unfold again.
The dishes were dispersed
the better to let
sleeping shadows lie,
the candelabra were sorted,
the tea cart became
breakfast cart - in - waiting.
I slept,
wandered dreaming
through a park I had well loved,
through a market
now become
a landfill
 and remarked the eyes
of my after hours companions
as we danced
by warm surf
alive and brilliant
with neon aquamarine glow.
The scent of coffee floated over
that of pan masala.
Awake again....
She had made coffee.
I rose to bathe and greet her
on frosty bright
March morning,
this morning.
She'd found her new frock.
Her towel was slipping away.
she let it go,
replaced it
with the frock.
Glorious Green Lady
radiant in morning sun.
   She did not turn,
merely began pouring
a second cup of coffee
for me
as she asked
did I wish
to hear the reading now
or anon?
I said anon.
I've never had
a Green Lady
appear to me,
I wanted to remark
such a potent omen;
she was incredibly beautiful
with new frock,
wet curls cascading
and steaming mug in hand.

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Comments (10)

  1. SEC

    next time be thou not tardy

    March 17, 2017
    1. Nightbane

      I knew she’d been doing a reading, timed arrival for when fairly certain she’d not still be in process of it. Weren’t a planned visit, just me popping round to drop off book and frock, say goodnight. At that hour I generally find her having concluded her work day and deciding over a cuppa whether or no to tidy up before retiring or leave it for morning.
      as it happened, she’d done a reading for a client early on, one of her Tea and Tarot bookings. Having no other bookings and also having concluded her fromal work diuties for the week, she then turned to private reading and several queries she’d put the cards on the subject of meself.
      she’s says I’m her favourite subject… ( faint, slightly bemused smile)
      I’m also a very cahallenging subject, the series of queries she’d been examining semed to yield either I’ve lived more than one lifetime in me lifetime or that I was more than one person. She knows sufficient about me to fathom both are true on more than one level so undertook this gargatuan reading in orderto attempt to sort it for her own mind.
      there is a layout rather popular as first reading when a client comes to a new reader, helps both learn if they are good fit, can tell the client if this reader actually has some talent or no. Is laid out as a zodiac wheel, one card in each house, is often referred to as the How’d’you do? spread here. I use it when someone in the room is suggesting me some sort of charlatan. I hand them the cards, say let us see, have them shuffle as they like and cut deck as many times as they please. ( actually had one lady take a brand new, sealed deck, open them in a shipping box, close the top of the box and shook it vigourously for half a minute, tidied them back to a deck and handed it to me to prove or debunk the charge ) The spread gives me fair overview before me. I’ve learnt if it indicates children in more than one place to be quite careful on speaking to it, so many people these days have offspring from previous encounters that are unknown to current partner or spouse.
      the long form of this reading uses the same layout but in each house twelve cards are laid from one deck, a new deck is used for each house in turn, the result is 144 cards and at least four hours reading it. TR used this one to focus on me youth, the time period after I was on me own up to me first retirement. Lengthy reading in most and more so with me as I sleep far less and do more living as a result. she hd reached the point she needed sleep a bit earlier than usual, th tidying had not entered her mind, she had reached saturation and required sleep at once. She left all, attended the cats’ bowls and box, went to bed.
      Enter me with me key an our later, bearing requested items, gifts and intent to tuck her in snug. I found the state of affairs as described, thought would be the very least I could do to play Uncommon Domestic Faerie so she could rise to all in order and breakfast at her leisure and I could present her the book she’d asked and the frock just because.
      Tardy, schmardy…….

      March 17, 2017
      1. Nightbane

        hey, how’s that grandbaby of yours?

        March 17, 2017
        1. SEC

          at the glorious age of 11 months she’s walking and vocal but not speaching in English quite yet.

          March 17, 2017
          1. Nightbane

            all terrain vehhicle with BIG bright eyes and botemless curiousity… soooo much fun. I’ll wager you’d never thought being a grandmum would the grandest adventure of all….

            March 18, 2017
            1. SEC

              no can’t say I’d given it much thought

              March 18, 2017
          2. Nightbane

            Would love to wander about, camera in hand, close upon her and friendly lot of ducks I know…

            March 18, 2017
            1. SEC

              could be interesting, sleeping cats in my house jump when they hear her crow of spotting them where she can reach them. Soon I think she’ll learn not to crow but toddle up quietly

              March 18, 2017
  2. funfreak

    What a beautifully phrased and turned post. You are, as suspected, a difficult one to pin down.

    March 24, 2017
    1. Nightbane

      Gods, but I miss you, too….

      March 25, 2017